Because of investment needs for infrastructure maintenance growing every year, an increasing amount of research is focusing on the development of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems either for the development of smart or self-sensing composite structures, or to increase the operating life of ageing metallic structures.​

Among implemented methods, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) allows qualified operators to evaluate, collect data  about a material or system without altering it.​

One of the reference techniques concerns ultrasonic sensing. In fact, by generating and receiving elastic waves, piezoelectric elements represent a non-invasive SHM solution whilst providing a large area of investigation. ​

PYTHEAS Technology offers an embedded Non-Destructive Testing ultrasonic solution (eNDT) allowing, by implementing a network of piezoelectric transmitters/receivers , to :​

  • Detect, localize and characterize structural damages;​
  • Identify a fatigue phenomenon;​
  • Proceed to a modal analysis of the structure.​

Benefits/Characteristics of eNDT  :​

  • Active solution​
  • Global, volume and non-invasive method​
  • Real-Time monitoring​
  • Vibration environnement independent​

Examples of applications :​

  • Space (Structural diagnosis for satellite launchers)​
  • Aviation (Aircraft carriers)​
  • Naval (composite hullsand propellers)​