Ultra-fast piezoelectric valves
Ultra-fast piezoelectric valves
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Ultra-fast piezoelectric valves


26th July 2023


Delivery of the first valves for the P4Hydro project

PYTHEAS Technology has delivered the first two valves of the P4Hydro project to Poclain Hydraulics, carried out in collaboration with Laboratoire Ampère and Provence Eco Energie.

These ultra-fast piezohydraulic valves have unique properties, which make them an essential technological brick in the development of a piezohydraulic transmission to power the world of tomorrow.

If you are not familiar with ultra-fast valves, this article is for you, we will go over the basics together!

Ultra-fast piezoelectric valves
Ultra-fast piezoelectric valves

What is a valve?

In hydraulics, a valve is a system for regulating the flow and/or pressure of a fluid (liquid or gas).

There is a multitude valve types (balancing valve, priority valve, servo-valves, proportional valve, etc.), which are used in a large variety of fields such as industry, agriculture, automotive or aeronautics.

What is a fast-valve used for?

Fast valves are necessary for the digitalization of hydraulics. Digital hydraulics consists of controlling the fluid inlet or outlet of hydraulic components using compact, electrically powered valves. This allows fine control of a complex hydraulic component by using on/off valves, which highly reduce losses compared to the losses introduced by traditional proportional control valves.

Digital control makes it possible to improve various parameters of hydraulic systems such as their response time, their control accuracy or their stability, and to increase their efficiency, which is critical today to reduce energy consumption of hydraulic systems.


What are the distinctive characteristics of PYTHEAS Technology’s valves?

PYTHEAS Technology’s valves use piezoelectric actuators, which are faster than traditional permanent magnet actuators (also called solenoids). The use of piezoelectric actuators makes it possible to obtain opening and closing times below one millisecond, providing unparalleled control performances.

In addition, these valves are compact and have zero power consumption when a closed or open position is held, unlike solenoid valves, which consume power even when held in position.

These advantages make PYTHEAS Technology’s piezoelectric valves a crucial asset for the development of high-performance, compact and high-efficiency digital hydraulic systems.


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