Underwater Acoustics
Underwater Acoustics
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Underwater Acoustics

Underwater Acoustics

The Ocean represents a crucial challenge for future generations, both in terms of knowledge and resources (energy and nutrition). ​

Electromagnetic waves (radio, light…) propagate very poorly under the ocean’s surface. ​

That is why the use of sound waves (sound and ultrasound) is necessary to undertake various tasks underwater such as:​

  • Map​
  • Image​
  • Position​
  • Measure​
  • Communicate​

Piezoelectric transducers are the state of the art technology for underwater acoustic waves transmission and reception.​

PYTHEAS Technology has a wide product portfolio at your disposal to meet various requirements for both civil and defence application such as:​

  • Coherent low-frequency source for anti-submarine warfare, offshore energy or long-range underwater communication​
  • Ultrawide bandwidth projectors for underwater communication and positioning​
  • High-frequency arrays for high-resolution sonar imaging​

Our technologies can be used from surface to deep sea  application (up to 6000m depth). We support you in your project from specification definition to the manufacturing and characterization of your transducers and their associated electronics. We are at your side all along your product lifecycle.

Underwater Acoustics
Underwater Acoustics