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High-speed valves

High-speed valves

As the hydraulic sector is increasingly concerned by the energy transition, digitization is emerging as a promising solution to reduce the consumption of hydraulic installations (off-road vehicles, airplanes, etc.).

This technology makes it possible to ensure a continuous modification of the pressure or the flow rate without the intentional introduction of loss of power.

It nevertheless requires the use of hydraulic valves with high dynamic performance, which have not yet been achieved by any manufacturer on the market.

PYTHEAS Technology is taking part in this revolution by developing ultra-fast valves to meet the needs of digitalization. PYTHEAS Technology takes advantage of its expertise in the field of piezoelectricity to develop and patent valves with direct piezoelectric actuation.

The advantage of piezoelectric actuators is that they operate at very high speed (response time of the order of 0.2 ms) and at high efficiency.

Main features:

  • Speed: Opening and closing times of around 0.2 ms
  • No power consumption when held open or closed
  • High efficiency
  • Compactness
High-speed valves
High-speed valves