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MIRAS Project


23rd May 2023



Since 2022, SEABER and PYTHEAS Technology have been working together on the MIRAS project (Recoverable MIcro target for realistic training in Anti-Submarine warfare). The objective is to develop the RECALL, a new generation of AUV for anti-submarine warfare (ASM) training.

Anti-submarine warfare training

Navies around the world must train in anti-submarine warfare. Their crews practice using training targets capable of imitating the acoustic signature and movements of submarines. The solutions currently available, single-use micro-AUVs and retrievable AUVs, present several limitations:

  • Disposable AUVs provide only basic training and do not answer appropriately to modern sonars.
  • Recoverable AUVs, even with more developed technical and acoustic capabilities, rarely offer sufficient training realism and remain relatively expensive and complex devices to deploy.
MIRAS Project
MIRAS Project

RECALL: a recoverable AUV optimized for anti-submarine warfare

The RECALL is a next-generation recoverable AUV offering better capabilities than existing solutions. The RECALL is:

  • Compatible with modern sonars and torpedoes.
  • Simple to use thanks to its interface, which allows to use all of its functions simultaneously.
  • Easily recoverable, which reduces the risk of loss and improves its profitability and decreases operation costs.

The MIRAS project, therefore, aims to provide a new solution through the development of the RECALL.

A project developed by 3 complementary organizations

The RECALL will be the result of a collective work of:

  • SEABER, an AUV developer and manufacturer, is in charge of the carrier and its navigation system,
  • PYTHEAS Technology, with its experience in underwater acoustics, is in charge of the piezoelectric transducers and the transmission and reception electronics,
  • ENSTA Bretagne supports these companies with its knowledge of underwater acoustics.


This project, supported by the ORION cluster, is the subject of RAPID funding from the Ministry of the Armed Forces and has been certified by the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about this project.