High-efficiency PTOs for Wave Energy Converters

Increase your WEC’s performance and reliability

Converting the waves slow and intermittent movements into electricity is a challenge due to the particular characteristics of this energy source: high peak to average power ratio, high torque/force and low speed, control difficult to implement…  Because of these challenges, PTOs in the WEC industry often have a low efficiency, a low power density and/or high failure rates.

PYTHEAS Technology has developed a safe, reliable and highly efficient PTO which can be adapted to your WEC’s specifications:

  • Average and peak powers
  • Frequency and type of movements (linear, rotation, oscillation, etc.)
  • Choice of control strategies 

PYTHEAS Technology’s PTO has proven its performances at sea, producing electricity uninterruptedly even through extreme sea conditions on the 1st Wave Energy Converter at sea in France, the WAVEGEM platform.

PYTHEAS Technology’s conventional and piezoelectric PTOs for WEC are used in different R&D projects such as :

  • Autonomous offshore sensors and AUV docking stations (NEREUS project)
  • Desalination in isolated locations (Waves to Water Prize)
  • Electricity production for the grid