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P4Hydro Project

P4Hydro Project

A collaboration between 4 innovative partners

The P4Hydro project is the result of a collaboration between:

  • Poclain Hydraulics, an industrial company specialized in the design, manufacturing and sale of power transmission systems.
  • Ampère Laboratory, a CNRS mixed research unit (UMR 5005) associated with the University of Lyon 1, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, INSA Lyon, and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), specializing in Automation and Electrical Engineering.
  • Provence Eco Energie, a French company specialized in renewable energies,with extensive experience in photovoltaic solar power plants and innovative wind power.
  • PYTHEAS Technology, a technological company specializing in piezoelectricity and ultrasound, providing innovative solutions for the electrification of society.
P4Hydro Project
P4Hydro Project

A project that creates value and competitiveness and contributes to energy transitions

In response to the i-Demo call for projects, P4Hydro was selected by bpifrance to develop a new high-efficiency power transmission technology to produce or use energy more efficiently in the world of tomorrow. P4Hydro aims to improve the energy performance and controllability of off-road machines and wind power transmissions.


A high-performance piezohydraulic transmission

The piezohydraulic transmission developed as part of the P4Hydro project has two objectives:

  • Improve the efficiency of hydraulic transmissions and the controllability of off-road machines
  • Increase the productivity of wind turbines by optimizing their operating range

These 2 objectives will be achieved by developming a piezohydraulic wind generator and a high-efficiency hydraulic system, equipped with ultra-fast piezohydraulic valves.

As for the wind turbines, the generator, once its efficiency improved thanks to this new power transmission system, will be installed on a new generation wind turbine from Provence Eco Energie.


A 5-year project

The P4Hydro project began in 2023 and will progress until its completion in 2027. Key moments are already punctuating this project, such as:

  • March 2023: launch of the project during a day bringing together all the partners in La Ciotat
  • July 2023: delivery of ultra-fast valves developed by PYTHEAS Technology to Poclain Hydraulics
  • September 2023: completion of the first tests of the power electronics developed by the Ampère laboratory
  • September and October 2023: installation of the hydraulic motor demonstrator at POCLAIN


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